Staff Room


Head Teacher

Mrs Anna-Claire Norden (Key Stage 1 Phase Leader)

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Lucy Poskitt (Pupil Premium Leader, Early Years Phase Leader)


Mrs Ann Crossman

Key Stage 2

(6 classes)    




Year 5/6 – Teachers


Mr Johnny Pawlett (Phase Leader)

Mr Nathan O’Neill

Mrs Valerie O`Reilly

Teaching Assistants


Mrs Sharon Durant

Mrs Amanda Gladwell






Year  3/4 – Teachers

Mrs Rachel Sprawson (Phase Leader)

Mrs Zoe Wild

Mrs Claire Namur 0.6

Mrs Claire Broach 0.4

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Jenny Parkes (& Senior M. Sup)

Mrs Stacey Hattingh

Mrs Jill Burling

Miss Jasmine Butler

Key Stage 1 

(3 classes)           




Year 1/ 2 – Teachers


Mrs Nikki Spevack

Mrs Ros Cowburn 0.8

Mrs Ione Kellam 0.2

Miss Niamh Lawton

Teaching Assistants


Mrs Kelly Ellson

Mrs Emma Pell

Mrs Heather Maloney (& M.Sup)


Foundation Stage




Mrs Lucy Poskitt (Phase Leader)

Miss Zara Cotton


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Julia Allen (& M. Sup)

Mrs Claire Daniel (& M. Sup)

Mrs Alyson Hart (& M. Sup)

Mrs Marianne Howard

PPA and Teaching cover

Mrs Laurence Millard 0.2 (PPA)

Mrs Helen Leonard 0.2 (PPA) and TA in Key Stage 2

Mrs Alison Turian (Sports Coordinator)

Mrs Lorraine Stevenson (one to one)

Miss Laura McAuley (Maternity Leave)

Finance and Administration

Mrs Wendy Whistler  (Business Manager)

Mrs Kate Jordison     (Finance Administrator)

Mrs Linda Miller         (Clerk to Governors)

Mrs Helen Mould       (EY & P Administrator)

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Eileen Oakes

Mrs Tonia Mullally

Mrs Lucy Godby

Mrs Katherine Collier

Miss Chloe Mackintosh

Miss Haixia Ye

Premises Team

Mr Gary Bidwell        (Caretaker)

Mrs Carol Ambrose  (Cleaner in charge)

Mr Thomas Ambrose

Mr Richard Saunders

Early Years and Playwork

Mrs Carol Panther (Manager)

Mrs Liz Marsh (Deputy Manager Early Years)

Mrs Sue Dean (Deputy Manager Playwork)

Mr Shane Panther

Miss Katie Rule

Miss Freya Loxham

Mrs Marie Baggaley-Gray

Miss Molly Windsor

Mrs Mitzi Moody