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Skipping Workshop

On Thursday 30th September, Pete Thompson came to our school. Pete is a 5 times Guiness World Record holder and we were lucky enough to do a skipping workshop with him. He set us challenges such as how many jumps we could do in one minute and he helped us find our own style of skipping: backwards, forwards, two feet, one foot, double bounce, running through the rope or jumping through the rope. In assembly Pete demonstrated his amazing skipping skills and made an inspirational speech about what skipping is to him. In his speech he mentioned how skipping is a fun way to exercise and how it took him around 10 years of practise to get to the level that he is. Before he left we were given a chance to order one of his skipping ropes. It was an amazing day that we all enjoyed. 

By Molly 

The skipping workshop was inspirational because Pete kept talking about the 5R's and it made me think that I need to keep trying to do what I need to achieve. I really enjoyed it and I have definitely become better at skipping since! He did a 5 star performance too! Amelie 

The skipping workshop was fun and entertaining. Pete has inspired me to do more skipping. I loved how energetic he was and he showed us lots of different ways to skip. I would love to do it again!