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Year 1 and 2 ‘seaside afternoon’

Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a ‘seaside afternoon’ last week

Click here to see some photos of the puppet show they enjoyed

On Tuesday last week Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a ‘seaside afternoon’ as part of our 'Beside the Sea' topic. 

We came to school dressed ready for the beach (with a few extra layers for playtime!) and enjoyed an afternoon of seaside activities. We decorated and made our own Punch and Judy theatres and puppets then enjoyed a Punch and Judy show. 

“The man was really quick with the puppets. He kept swapping them. There was lots of puppets. There was Joey the Clown, Mr Punch, Judy, the policeman, the crocodile and the baby. He had very good jokes – even better than me!” – Oscar  

 “The man showed us the inside the theatre and we got to see how all of the bits folded up inside. I think sometimes he had one puppet on each hand and that was really clever!” – Amy 

 “Making my puppet theatre was hard but easy at the same time. It was hard to fold it but it was easy to colour in. I have used it at home with the puppets I made.” – Joel  

“I was holding Joey the Clown. It was really funny especially when the crocodiles teeth fell out!” – Olly