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Chick facts from Reception

Our Reception children have been finding out all about chickens as part of their role i looking after the chicks.  Read on to find out some of the facts they have discovered. 

Jake - Chicks are omnivores, eating grass, grain, worms, insects and sometimes even mice.

Chickens have a connection to dinosaurs, and can be linked back to T-Rex.

Chickens have great memories and can remember lots of people’s faces. This was proven in a scientific study.

They can recognise different animals and can remember different members of their flock and if they are friendly.

Emma - Hens talk to their chicks even when they are still in their eggs.

Sophie - Chicks are born with one tooth. Chicks dream. Chicks eat berries.

Betsy - Mummy chickens talk to their chicks while they grow in their eggs. Chicks are related to a T-Rex.

Martha - You can tell what colour a chicken’s eggs will be by the colour of the hens’ earlobes. Hens with red earlobes lay brown eggs, and those with white earlobes lay white eggs.

Lyra - In the egg, the egg white develops into the chick and the yolk is the chick's food.

Georgie - Chickens eat grass like spaghetti.

Thomas - Baby chicks are born with one tooth. This is called their ‘egg tooth’ as they use it to break free from their shell. They soon lose the tooth however and none are replaced as when they are older they use their beaks to eat.

We also found out that chickens can see in full colour.

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