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Year 4 Mini Olympics Event

On Tuesday 21st June Year 4 took part in the SCSSP Mini Olympics.  Whilst the event was 'in school' for another year, the SCSSP provided activities and virtual instructions and encouragement to all Year 4 groups taking part.  The day started with all the Year 4s and the supporting Yr6 Sports Leaders learning a and performing a dance.

We had Sports leaders helping us at the Y4 Mini Olympics. Me and my team really enjoyed the vortex howler. We did 5 activities altogether and my team came first in 1 of them - we were shocked! We had a great morning.


We did the Mini Olympics and it was really fun and energetic. We did our warm-up in the hall and when we went outside there were lots of different activities.  We got into groups with our friends and the sports leaders were helping us and running all the different games and events. We had to get as many points as we could as a team. Our team came first twice! My favourite activity was the standing long jump even though it was tiring! It was really fun and I am so happy to have had the opportunity!