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Eco Committee Tip 5

Donate something you no longer need to cut your carbon!

Take a look at the advice below from the Eco Schools Cut your Carbon Campaign:

"Donate something you no longer need. Manufacturing new items releases carbon into the
atmosphere. For example, producing a book releases about 1kg CO2, a t-shirt 7kg, and an
iPhone, a whopping 60kg! Passing on things you no longer need is a great way to prevent
emissions, so, swap a book with a friend, donate clothing that doesn’t fit to charity, or pass on an
unused device to a relative"

The Eco Committee think this would be a particularly great thing to do just before Christmas when the shops will be making more things and emitting more carbon. 

Why not arrange a book, toy or clothes swap with your friends? Or you could donate any unwanted children's books to school or a charity shop. 

By Joe, Silvana, Samantha, Izzy, Jasmine, India, Byron, Lyra, Isla, Amy, Rumi, Charlotte, Agnes, Felicity, Kate, Bea, Willow and Callum