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Year 1/2 People Who Changed the World Day

Year 1 and 2 dressed up as 'People Who Changed the World'. 

On Friday 7th January, Year 1 and 2 celebrated the beginning of their new topic for the Spring Term, ‘People Who Changed the World’. The children dressed up as a person of their choice who had changed the world in some way. The children then shared lots of interesting facts about the people they had come dressed up as. It was a fantastic day with lots of a learning about a variety of different people who have had an impact on our world today.

Have a look below to find out what some of us thought about the day and see some of our brilliant costumes by clicking here.

Miriam – I was Frida Kahlo and I thought it was a fun day because we got to dress up as someone who changed the world.

Ella – I was Rosalind Franklin. I thought the day was really fun because we did fun stuff like dressing up and sharing about who we were.

Chloe – I was dressed up as Mary Anning. I thought she was really cool because she dug up fossils.

Willow – I was Florence Nightingale. I liked her because she helped soldiers in the Crimean War.

Mateen – I was dressed up as David Attenborough. He grew up in Leicester and he changed the world because he spent his whole life looking after the world and animals.

Zain – I was dressed up as Albert Einstein because I liked his famous equation E=Mc2. The E stands for energy, the M stands for mass, the C stands for the speed of light and 2 is the square.