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Year 3/4 Historical Tour in Cambridge

Year 3/4 visit to the Sedgwick and Classical Archaeology Museums was full of awe and wonder

Our Yr3/4 classes all went to Cambridge on Thursday 21st April to visit the Sedgwick and Classical Archaeology Museums to bring their Egyptian topic to a close and start their Ancient Greek studies this term.

The wonderful day brought aspects of these ancient civilisations to life for the children and the curators and guides provided expert information and support making the visits even more adventurous.  

We would like to thank Miss McAuley for all her organisation, which made the day possible, and the Yr3/4 staff team and parent helpers for supporting this venture.  As you can see below the children thoroughly enjoyed this exciting opportunity -

“I enjoyed visiting the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge as I found the plaster casts interesting to look at. We also had the chance to complete a quiz – searching the museum for the answers – this was fun.” – Tilly  

“I found the Museum of Classical Archaeology to be very interesting as the plaster casts are real copies of the original statue. It was nice to see that the casts were not perfect, as most of them were missing parts that had disappeared over time. I also really enjoyed trying to read Latin and comparing it to the English language.” – Alastair  

“My favourite part of the day was visiting the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences. The curator was good, talking to us about each of the different sections. I loved learning about rocks and fossils in our topic lessons for it was fun to learn some more facts” – Lilly 

“I loved visiting the Museum of Classical Archaeology as the curator was interesting, telling us all about Greek Myths – I especially enjoyed the story about Hippodamia and Pelops. The curator also explained to us how they make the plaster casts, and how important they are when learning about Ancient Greece!” – Amelie  

“I enjoyed being given the chance to sketch the plaster casts and the fossils as it will allow me to look back on them and remember what a fun day we had!” – Amelia 

“I really enjoyed hunting for particular fossils in the Sedgwick Museum, such as a gigantic spider, a hippopotamus skeleton and something discovered by Mary Anning, whom we have learnt about during our rocks and fossils topic.” – Bertie 

“I enjoyed looking at the rocks and fossils in the Sedgwick Museum – there were lots of different types of rocks and crystals, many that I haven’t seen before. We got to hold different types of fossils and I enjoyed noting down the differences and similarities between them.” – Alice 

Click here to see a photos of the day (more will be added next week)