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Year 3/4 Tennis Festival

On Wednesday afternoon (4th of May) some of our Year 4s had the chance to attend the Year 3/4 Tennis Festival, which took place at Cottenham Village College.

The event aimed to introduce new players to the game of tennis, hoping the positive experience would inspire them to continue playing the sport in the future. The children were able to take part in various activities, demonstrating their skills in order to score points for their school. Both the fun atmosphere and the chance to challenge themselves was greatly enjoyed by all, and all the children left the event inspired and eager to continue developing their skills.

A big thank you to South Cambs SSP for organising this fantastic event, as well as Mrs Turian for signing us up to take part!

Please take a look at what some children had to say about the event:

“The Tennis Festival was really exciting – I loved all the different activities.” – Bronwyn

“It was really nice to interact with the sports leaders, who were older than us. They were able to teach us lots of new skills.” – Sebastian

“I had lots of fun practising my tennis skills and will try to play tennis more in the future, so that I can continue improving.” – Frankie

“I really enjoyed working in a team with people from other schools, it was fun to meet other people and make new friends.” – Claire

“Taking part in the activities allowed me to become more confident in tennis and being able to control the ball.” - Amy