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KS2 Panathlon Event

A fabulous event which was enjoyed by all.

A group of 8 children were selected to participated in a Panathlon sporting event at Comberton Village College. The event was created in order to support confidence building and working within a team. Children participated in several different skilled activities including target throwing games, bowling, basketball and more. The team were brilliant and gave it their all, we came a very respectable 5th place! It was wonderful to see how much fun they had. 

Miss McAuley

Here's what the team had to say:

I thought it was very good and very fun! I loved getting my medal. My favourite activities were the parachute games and the not-real archery! Noah

I liked knocking over the skittles and the parachute games! Jeevan

I really liked being chosen to be the leader for our team and how we had to listen for the instructions. I enjoyed doing all the different games! Ava 

We found the games very exciting! My favourite was the parachute game (Jacob) and the races (Jasmine)

It was exciting and really fun! We loved it! Harry and Matthew P

I really enjoyed it; time went so fast. The best bit was all the races at the end - that was SO much fun! Izzy M

Click here to see more pictures of the children taking part in the event