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On Monday, Year 5s spent Bike-ability assessment sessions on the playground, before venturing onto the roads of Swavesey. The weather was glorious for cycling, the children extremely well behaved and listened well to information from instructors, to stay safe and progress their cycling skills.  

All the children who took part received a level 2 certificate and badge today as there is no failure in bike-ability, just additional feedback on the certificate from the instructors, for those children who may need extra practice and support from parents / carers initially.  

Here is one cyclists view -

Bike-ability was a fun and safe activity to do on the road that everyone who took part enjoyed.

It's basically a fun way of learning how to be safer on the roads whilst riding our bikes.

Our instructors Stuart and Rachel set us a multitude of challenges that we had to tackle, with the the tasks getting more difficult as we improved our skills.

Our Bike-abililty lessons took us around the wonderful village of Swavesey, we must had ridden many miles that week!!!

It was so much fun but also very tiring!!

At the end of the week I received my certificate and level 2 badge to state that i can ride my bike independently and responsibly on the road.

I Highly recommend giving it a go yourself, it's a great achievement!!!

Yours sincerely,