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Updated 29th April 2022

The attachments below (bottom of the page) provide information about Covid-19 related procedures and processes.


In school systems have been relaxed, although we remain cautious and will continue to take note of the local case numbers and ongoing advice from the LA.

We continue to ask people to keep sensible distances and may ask visitors to wear masks in situations where these cannot be guaranteed.

We continue to ensure good ventilation within all indoor areas and maintained reduced group sizes for indoor activities.

We will begin to return to face to face meetings and events where appropriate. 

We will be changing our entry and exit systems from 3rd May, details of which can be found in a document towards the end of this page. 

The following video links are designed to share practical ideas for supporting children through this period of Covid-19.  The advice can often be applied both at home or school, and not just for support during the Covid-19 pandemic.

1. Impact on Family life 

2. Resilience 

3. Emotional literacy 

4. Staying calm 

5. Understanding anxiety 

6. Effecting change and Managing consistency and routines

7. Use of language