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Egg..citing Times!

We have been watching our living eggs hatch and learning to take care of the emerging chicks!

The school has been buzzing with 'eggcitment' this week as our Reception children have been carrying out their poulterer duties diligently, watching over our living eggs as they hatch.  The rest of the school have been observing the process through photos and video footage (join in too by clicking here) with some having a chance to view the chicks in person today, while others will visit next week.

We have been able to enjoy this experience through 'Living Eggs' who have provided the eggs and equipment which has been paid for through school fundraising.

The eggs have produced 6 female and 4 male fluffy, chirpy chicks, which are delighting everyone!  We will be keeping the female chicks to raise and Mr Bidwell has created an area to house them at the back of the playground.  Through this the children will have first-hand experience of animal husbandry, and we will use the eggs in our cooking activities.  If we have enough eggs we may even be able to sell them to raise funds for chicken feed etc.  The male chicks will be retuned to living eggs who will re-home them in small holdings or farms.

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