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Empathy Week

Empathy Day – 9th June

This week we have been exploring the theme of empathy, our human super-power. We have been practising walking in someone else’s shoes.

Across the school we have used literature, including poetry and stories, to teach empathy and help us understand others’ emotions and feelings and make us think about how we react in different situations.

To view a selection of our poems, please click on this link.

"I feel good when I am included in games." - Annie

"I do not feel good when I lose a football match." - Ayzah

"I get angry when people will not listen to me." - Freya

"I feel good when people are around me." - Johnny

"I do not feel good when my friends choose not to play with me." - Ayla

"I get angry when I get accused of doing something that I didn't do." - Annamaria