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Bikeability week

Children in year 5 have worked extremely hard to develop their road safety this week. Thank you to Outspoken! training for supporting our children. 

By Lael – Year 5

This week, Monday 6th June to Thursday 9th June, the Year 5s have been learning how to cycle safely on the road through Bikeability.  

One of the first things we learnt was the ABCDD check 

Air: check your tyres feel hard  

Brakes: make sure both breaks stop the wheels turning  

Chain: ensure the chain runs smoothly  

Dangly bits and Direction: Make sure nothing is dangling down from your bike and that the steering works properly  

 I was in group A and our instructors were Larry and Sam and they taught us how to get ready to start cycling.  

  1. Get pedals ready, prepare pedals so that you can start  
  2. Look over your shoulder to see the road is clear  
  3. Set off, but still frequently check behind you  

We learnt other things as well, such as how to overtake a stationary car, road positioning and how to cycle through junctions and much more! 

But on top of it all Larry and Sam made it very fun and memorable, whilst keeping us safe and answering all our questions. 

So thank you to the whole team for teaching us so well!  

PS. No-one passes or fails, rather they give you a really helpful card telling you what you did well and how you could improve!