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Year 3/4 Cricket Tournament

On Tuesday 28th June, some of year 3/4 were lucky enough to take part in SCSSP's Dynamo Cricket Tournament! We played incredibly well and were resilient throughout, despite aspects of the game being new to us. Thank you to those involved in organising the event, we had a fantastic day!

Here is what some pupils had to say about the event:

"We liked the dynamo shots because it is easier to get fours and sixes. We thought the umpires were really, kind. The tournament its self was really fun and enjoyable. Everyone had a good time and got take part. Everyone got a reward, no matter if the won or lost, which is very good because some places do not give you a reward if you lose. If you did lose, you still had another chance to get a reward for having the best spirit of the game (Swavesey got this reward). It was very thoughtful for them to give us a piece of paper that told us where to play our games and if we did not have that, we would have struggled to find our way round. Overall, we all loved it because we had fun and did not have to do school work. Thank you, Claire McDonald for inviting us. Thank you, Mrs Turian for letting us go and play cricket".

From Swavesey Primary School