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LA English Challenge for Year 6

A return to the local authority Year 6 English challenge saw two Swavesey teams compete in the first heat this year.

The year six ‘English Challenge’ was held at Westfield Primary School on Monday 3rd October 2022. Three schools competed: Westfield Junior, Hollywell  CE and Swavesey Primary School. There were four teams; Swavesey brought two: team frog and team cake. The participants for team frog were: Douglas, Hattie, Lael and Ted. The participants in team cake were Ofelia, Esha, Elizabeth and Amber. 

Round 1 was the book round where the contestants had to match the book title to its author and guess the character by their description. Round 2 was the memory round: the players had to memorise a verse of a poem and rewrite it word for word. In between round 2 and 3 there was a 20 minute break where the contestants and audience could go and get snacks and go outside (biscuits coffee and snacks.) 

Round 3 was the basic skills round. We had to put books in order of the date they were published - from newest to oldest. Round 4 was the different text types round, where we had to match the different text types to their name. 

In the end, the winners were the hosts, Westfield Junior. In 2nd place was Swavesey team frog and in 3rd place was Swavesey team cake. 

Ofelia and Esha