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Year 5/6 Girls' Football Tournament

It was a pleasure to accompany our Y5/6 Girls team to the football tournament today. After arriving late due to an issue with our bus, the girls were thrown into their first game. They played with energy and smiles showing excellent team work right from the start. This continued all morning when at the end all their hard work was rewarded by making it into division 1. 

After a well deserved lunch break, they were up and ready again, keener than ever to play their best. 

They praised each other for good actions and kept their spirit up when the other teams scored. 

I would like to thank Mrs Turian for organising the event and all the parents/grandparents who attended to support them. 

The girl finished 5th overall out of 18 teams, which is a fantastic result considering more than half of them had never played in a football tournament before. 

So a big well done to the girls. You can be proud. 

Mrs Namur 

Here is what the team had to say:

“I really enjoyed playing with the others players and I’m so happy that we got into the first division, and we came 5th place” – Manha (official goalkeeper) 

“I made very good friends and I scored 1 goal!” – Juliette 

“I had an amazing time!” – Emmie 

“My favourite part was midfield. When I was on the coach I was so excited. Today was AMAZING!” – Isabelle 

“First when we left something terrible happen: the coach broke down! But don’t worry, we got on a new coach, so we made it. It was really fun and we made it into division 1. We came 5th place and we got certificates. I am so happy. I absolutely loved it.” – Eliza