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Reception are visited by the local constabulary

Tuesday 15th November brought 'blues and twos' as well as much excitement to our Reception children.

On Tuesday morning, Reception have had lots of fun meeting real police officers. They talked us through their equipment and their roles. After answering many of our questions, we got to go and see their police car. They had parked it in our playground! The officers turned the lights on, and we got to hear the siren too - it was loud. Some of us had a turn to sit in the car and we pretended to use the radio. Some of us tried on the police coat and hat, whilst others had a turn at holding the shield- it was heavy!

Below are some of the children's comments:

I really enjoyed when the police gave me the shield and I could lift it up- Max

I liked it when they showed us the handcuffs- Hannah

I liked it when he arrested the other police officer- Ethan

I really enjoyed sitting in the police car- Annie

I liked the handcuffs and sitting in the front of the police car- Kordian

I liked sitting in the police car and holding the shield- Ollie

I liked going in the car and wearing the police hat- Leah

I liked holding the shield- Poppy 


See a gallery of pictures of the visit here