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Yr3/4 Ancient Egyptian Day

Our Ancient Egyptian Day – 24th November

On Thursday, Years 3 and 4 stepped back in time to Ancient Egypt. Dressed in fantastic Egyptian costumes the children participated in ancient crafts such as perfume making, scarab beetle carving, making canopic jars and writing on a cartouche using hieroglyphics.

During the afternoon the children took part in drama storytelling and performed in front of the royal court and were served banquet feast from the royal household’s servants.


What did the children think?

‘I really enjoyed the Egyptian Day. I would love to do it again soon.’ Scarlett

‘I loved the food we had at the royal party.’ Ari

‘The Egyptian day was so much fun that it made playtime seem boring!’ Sienna

‘I loved the day and want to do it again soon.’ Olive

‘I loved the Egyptian day because I got to be the messenger and mummify people.’ Noah

‘I really enjoyed the Egyptian drama. I was the Apis bull, and I got to charge at people and make decisions.’ Jessica

‘I loved taking part in the Egyptian day and I would love to do it again. My favourite part was making the perfume pot because you could choose from different scents and then crush them to make a lovely smell.’ Jack

‘Amazing … so much fun… best day ever!’ Skylar

‘I loved the day because we watched performances and met the king and queen.’ Felicity