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Christmas magic in Kingfishers, year 3/4

Kingfisher class use the power of the written word to gain some Christmas sparkle.

We all wanted more Christmas decorations on the school Christmas tree. We had no lights and no star for the top. It looked very sad 🙁. But then we had an idea! Why don't we write a letter to Tesco's manager, asking for more Christmas decorations for our tree. We were all so excited! So on Wednesday 7th December we wrote our messages to Tesco to ask for their help and it worked! WOW! Our letters have been answered and we got everything we asked for. Mrs Norden emailed Mrs Namur to let us know that Tesco got the stuff ready. Then, Mr Sprawson went and collected the decorations. They look beautiful and shine. There were gold and white Christmas decorations and multi-coloured lights.