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Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Tournament

Swavesey Tag Rugby players were in action on 20th March.

On 20th March two teams made their way to Shelford Rugby Club to a Tag rugby tournament. Our team members were looking forward to the Plate competition.  We won all of our matches, so we made it to the final. We were very excited . But sadly we lost in the final to another school so we came in 2nd. But we were very happy to receive a medal at the end. We had a fantastic time and enjoyed going to the tournament.

From Will 



The tag rugby tournament was an amazing event, we all enjoyed it a lot, and we came 4th out of 10 teams. Our team was A team and we played in the cup competition, our teams were respectful even when we lost. Both of our teams played exceptionally well, we are all proud of the results, and were happy that we were chosen to represent our school. Although we did not win, the other teams were kind and considerate.

Ted and Nathaniel