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BMX Workshop for Year 5s

As if cycling around Swavesey wasn’t tiring enough, on Wednesday, Mike Mullen, a previous ‘Half-pipe’ WORLD CHAMPION BMX rider returned once again, for a BMX workshop. 

The Year 5s thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. There were some seriously resilient riders on the playground, jumping the ramps, putting feet on handle- bars, standing on seats and lots more! All this was done of course with advice and guidance from Mike throughout, he was extremely impressed by everyone!  

Mike was also very clear to inform the children that what they were learning with him was NOT for road use, and to follow the bike-ability training, to keep safe when they do ride on roads. 

Mike selected a small group of children to show off their new daring skills, in front of the rest of the school, later in the afternoon. Mike said it was a difficult decision to only choose 9 children, as everybody was so good. 

 Mike finished the afternoon with his own showcase of tricks, from riding backwards to jumping the bike on one wheel amongst others. His annual finale, and a favourite of the children, was to jump over the ramp and ‘fly’ over 5 members of staff (one a bike-ability instructor) who were lying on the floor behind the ramp! There were lots of squeals, cheers and clapping during the whole display. 

Don’t worry Year 4s, I’ve already booked Mike for next year, when you’re Year 5! 

Mrs Turian

"Bertie: I really enjoyed when we did 2 laps round the circle of cones, I did no handed and did the Macarena dance!

Fred: I really enjoyed when I jumped over the ramp and I did the titanic!

We were very impressed when Mike jumped over the teachers, the whole school was screaming and clapping! We really enjoyed the day and had so much fun!

Bertie and Fred (Ravens)"