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Year 4 Mini Olympics

On Tuesday 20th June, the Year 4s took part in the annual Mini Olympics in school.

This year, Long Road 6th Form BTEC Sport students were organizing the 5 events, with a ‘Pirate Theme!’

The afternoon began with a cool warmup via video, with Tanzi TV. Warmups included choosing one of two sports to act out. These ranged from boxing, swimming, surfing, kickboxing and was great fun and certainly warmed the children up!

The Year 4s were divided into five groups of their choice and were greeted on the field by the students. What a surprise the children had, as lots of the students were dressed as pirates, spoke like pirates and during the entire afternoon, kept in character as the Year 4s joined in various games (with a pirate element throughout). It really was a wonderful afternoon and the students had prepared a certificate for all taking part. Mrs Turian prepared a medal for all the Year 4s to take home as a memento!