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School Values and Aims

Our school aims to develop children
who are:

happy, healthy and confident

ready, independent, life long learners

resilient, resourceful and reflective learners

responsible, honest global citizens


A safe, stimulating and healthy environment

Teaching which is inspiring, inclusive and active

A broad challenging curriculum

Encouraging creativity, individualism and team work

Celebration of successes in all aspects of achievement

Excellent partnerships with parents, governors and the community


Our values and aims were created by our whole school community and reflect the fundamental ethos of our school. We strongly believe that our role is to develop our children holistically and this belief forms the foundation of our provision.  Alongside our aims, as set out above, we use the 'Campaign for learning 5Rs', 'Carol Dweck's Growth mindset principles' and the 'Lundin, Paul and Christensen's FISH! philosophy' to develop our children's skills, knowledge and attitudes to develop into lifelong learners. To find out more about these, please have a look at the documents below.

Additionally, our children's councils and committees provide them with an opportunity to be a part of our school progress and change, support our equality and diversity aims (which can be accessed through its tab to the right), as well as support our ongoing British Values work (also accessed through our Eq and D tab).